Our achievements

1.It fills the blank of new solvent process for producing chlorinated olefins in China
2.Successful research and development of “Product viscosity controllable production process.”.
3.Participate in drafting of national standards committee industry standard “Chlorinated rubber resin”.
4.Won the third China Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition new materials industry finals 50 outstanding enterprises.

Strong Technical R & D Team
The company has set up a number of incentive systems for talents, according to the group’s “Patent award system”, “Measures to commend scientific and technological achievements”, “Measures to reward technological innovation”, “Measures to improve the management of proposals”and other incentive policies, special awards for scientific research personnel who have made significant contributions. Through technical seminars, the establishment of a sound appraisal system for professional titles, the formation of a scientific mechanism for personnel training, exchange, learning and improvement, and the continuous upgrading of the professional skills of R & D personnel at all levels, for the enterprise’s technological innovation and do a good job of knowledge, technical data storage, the establishment of sustainable human resource development basis and mechanism.
      We have a high-quality R & D team, relying on the well-known professional institutions and universities in China, under the guidance of high-tech, continue to be committed to technological development and product innovation.
National Invention patent

National invention patent “Chlorine curing isoprene and its preparation method”
Opened up a new production field of rubber resin materials, and gradually formed a diversified production.